Remora is a piece of conversion optimisation software that helps websites turn more visitors into customers. Using artificial intelligence, pattern matching and machine learning techniques; Remora analyses the gestures and behaviour of visitors to figure out when they’re bored, understand why and then change their experience to make it more relevant and interesting.



We’re data-driven by nature, and we’re constantly analysing conversion rates. Whether they’re up or down, we find it more pertinent to know why. Most websites whether e-commerce, B2B, SaaS or otherwise, usually experience at least one of the following pain points:

  • Higher bounce rate than commercially viable
  • Lower adoption rate than expected
  • Average online cart abandonment rates of 68.89%


Remora analyses the gestures and behaviour of visitors to figure out when they’re frustrated or dis-engaged. The software allows us to test different approaches to re-engaging them.

Creating more engaging experiences by measuring onsite user intent allowed us to help online businesses with their objective of converting leaving visitors into customers, resulting in more sales, adoptions or opt-ins.

Our customers accessed Remora’s technology via a simple script deployment and API request. They also had access to Remora’s analytics portal so they could see how well their campaigns performed against their business metrics.



  • Number of active clients = 24
  • Number of web journeys enhanced = 37,593,227
  • Number of additional conversions created = 2,578,895
  • Average modal conversion rate = 6.863%

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