Simple ideas : Happy users

Our story

We set out in 2013 to become a leader in Fintech.

The idea behind any Ratio product is that it needs to make life simpler for users.

Our success lies in bringing customer focus and simplicity to over-complicated financial markets.

In our experience, if you understand what the customer is looking for from a product, and you offer them the simplest, most intuitive way to buy it, then you can’t go far wrong.

A story of simple ideas and happy users

It all began because we thought that the personal finance market was complex, so we built the Choose Wisely comparison site, supported by our super-fast ProTools software.

We thought that e-Commerce innovation was stalling, so we bundled some AI and machine learning into Remora, our on-site conversion tool.

We had a quick dip into the FMCG market with Briefd; but it was just pants.

We noticed that users weren’t getting rewarded by lenders for their loyalty. That’s just not on, so we launched Switch and Autosave, a tool that helps our users find a better deal.

Yes. Simple ideas do make for happy users. And we’re not done yet… Investors, step this way…

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Ranked 93 in The Sunday Times Tech Track 2017

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Awarded Gamechanger - Consumer Choice in Lending Awards 2018


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