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Who doesn’t like champagne? We were gifting enough of the stuff that we decided...why don’t we blend our own?



We send bottles of champagne to clients and partners every Christmas. The sourcing of good champagne slowly became an ever more distracting and arduous task with so many offers flooding the marketplace every festive period.

We also adorn our staff with a bottle of fizz every time they celebrate their “R-day” or Ratio work anniversary for the uninitiated. Ultimately, this results in a lot of champagne passing through company hands and we needed a stable way of maintaining supply and demand.


When the opportunity arose to label our own blend of champagne, work with the supplier directly and enjoy a great product with a crisp start on the palette, mellowing to a smoother well-rounded finish, we couldn't pass it up.

Our primary metric for determining the success of the tasting was simple... "Am I going to want to drink another glass of this?"

During the torturous experience of tasting multiple flutes of fizz, we tried a blend hailing from the Granzamy family situated in the village of Venteuil. It was clear to us at that point, we had answered our primary question with a resounding "Yes!”.

The Granzamy family has been growing grapes in the Marne Valley since 1907 and, we believe, you can taste the years of passion and expertise in every sip.



We’re still sending it out to clients, and we continue to crack open a bottle (or two) to celebrate company wins, awards, events, and birthdays. Cin-Cin!    

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