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Choose Wisely is a free to use financial comparison site. We are here for the millions of people that are being shut out of mainstream money because of a credit score.

The site features the UK's best bank accounts, business finance products, credit cards, personal loans and prepaid cards. If a user needs a loan, we’ll help them find the right product for them. Equally, if a user needs help in educating themselves to become more financially aware, then our content will help them take a longer-term perspective.



Over 12 million UK consumers are currently being excluded from mainstream credit and banking products. Unfortunately, it’s often those who need basic banking facilities who find it the hardest to access them.

Often needing money for everyday essentials, to tide them over until their next payday, real people are being treated like numbers on a non-standardised scale. We know this scale to be the credit score.

Most are eventually rejected for what could be a lifeline. Resulting in consumers turning to the darker predatory corners of the internet where scams and unexpected broker fees are commonplace.


We’re making a stand for financial inclusion, empowering those who need it most to Choose Wisely when it comes to money. Our mission to bring Money to the Many is not only to help consumers get accepted for the credit they need today but to give them the tools to stay in control of their money forever.

We created a platform that does the heavy lifting for the consumer. Under-the-hood you will find ground-breaking, proprietary comparison software whereas on the surface you will find an elegant UI twinned with jargon-free communication.

This results in consumers choosing the right product for them - not the generic ‘one size fits all’ approach that’s so often seen in the personal finance industry.



The number of consumers we serve grows each month; Choose Wisely continues to champion the consumer in a way that no other mainstream comparison website is.

  • Over 12 million consumers matched with the right financial product.
  • A marketing opt-in rate of over 80%.
  • An average of £56 billion worth of loan applications processed each year.

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