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Choose Wisely ProTools is the software that sits behind our price comparison website, Choose Wisely. We’ve made the software available to fully authorised firms who wish to give their website visitors the same quality of experience that they get on choosewisely.co.uk. ProTools is 100% unique and comes fully loaded with a bespoke cloud-based management and analytics platform.



We work with a number of providers and introducers on Choose Wisely. Introducers, ‘introduce’ traffic while providers ‘provide’ the loans our customers are looking for. We needed to know how our different introducer traffic sources performed over different time frames. We had to have an affiliate portal where they could sign up and view their performance too. We needed the ability to change or pause campaigns.

We also needed a home for providers to update their product information that tied in seamlessly with our Content Management System, Carter.


What began as ‘The Ratio Network’ an affiliate network for fintech businesses in the UK, quickly became Choose Wisely ProTools. We designed and developed an accurate and useful real-time business analytics portal simultaneously for ourselves and the people we work with.

We have full visibility of impressions, applications, sales, commission and earning per application for all of our different traffic sources over time. All of the data can be queried, so we can delve into the root cause of a problem or celebrate a win. Essentially giving us the power to make accurate business decisions every day that allow us to flourish, not fail.

Providers now log in to ProTools to update their product info, or view an audit of changes over time. They also regularly look at their products average position in our comparison tables, which helps them to be more competitive. We believe that can only result in good outcomes for the thousands of consumers we serve on a daily basis.



  • ProTools attribution and tracking technology is used by every one of the UK’s top 14 price comparison websites.
  • An average of 42,046,752 customers matched with products each year.




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