ClearChoice is Ratio’s state-of-the-art credit comparison software, powering Choose Wisely’s loan search and enabling thousands of consumers to get the right product for them in the quickest, easiest way.



The development of Choose Wisely helped us get to know our customers and the market inside-out. Meaning, we understand how confusing finding a loan can be. Being pushed from pillar to post with little or no explanation of what happened and why. Consumers are often left without a financial product, or worse, the wrong product for them altogether. All they take away from the experience is a tarnished credit history, an inbox full of unwanted emails, and a whole lot of stress.

We believe getting accepted for a loan shouldn’t be that hard.


We designed a loan search twinned with product matching software that puts consumers at the heart of the journey, allowing them to truly understand the options available to them. After submitting an application through a multi-stage real time application form - a world first in form design. Consumers are then presented with a comparison table of results of providers who have accepted them in a reverse bidding environment. The consumer chooses their preferred lender who they visit to sign their agreement before awaiting payout of their funds.



Through ClearChoice, Choose Wisely gives consumers the control to choose between providers that have accepted their application, not the other way around. This has resulted in:

  • An increase in consumer satisfaction of 48.3% vs. a traditional online application process.
  • In excess of £4.6 billion worth of credit applications processed each year.
  • An average of just over 6.57 million product matches each year.

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