Carter is a document-based, non-relational decision engine and content management system. Carter works tirelessly matching high volumes of consumers with suitable financial products on Choose Wisely and through the Choose Wisely ProTools software.



Choose Wisely gives 1000s of consumers access to up to date product information for 100s of products every day. We needed a flexible way to store and access this information. We needed to be able to query it quickly so we had the data on demand, ready to present exactly when our consumers need it.


Ventura, our first datastore, was used to power websites without the need for clunky, expensive, old-fashioned databases. It was developed using .NET and entity-attribute-value or sparse matrix vertical databasing model.

Now powering Choose Wisely under a node.js codebase, Carter, Ventura’s quicker older brother came into being to replace it. In Carter we have the solution to our original problem; a datastore that we can quickly query for product information with the purpose of comparing those products.



In Carter not only do we have a great CMS UI that employees can use in-house to locate, query and update the data they need but its reliability and speed of output keeps our flagship product running and we couldn’t source anything more reliable from an “out of the box” solution.

  • 1,544 entity attribute datasets stored
  • 1,619 product reviews shown on Choose Wisely
  • ~7,200 requests handled on average every hour
  • Average loan search speed of 17ms

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